• Common boneset

    Common Boneset

    The Eupatorium genus comprises about 45 species in the eastern US and is known to be used by many indigenous peoples, especially E. perfoliatum.

  • Oats


    Oats are both food and medicine.  Most folks are familiar with eating a nourishing bowl of oatmeal for breakfast and know that oats are a heart healthy food and very soothing to the digestive tract.

  • Valerian Cover


    Indicated for nervous conditions like insomnia, anxiety, and muscle tension and commonly used as a sleep aid and mild pain reliever.  It helps to promote normal sleep by its sedative action and is useful for those who have a hard time quieting the mind at bedtime.

  • Nettle


    Indigenous and folk uses include picking the plant with bare hands or “whipping” the nettles on a pain point, also known as urtication, for a direct and quick remedy for joint pain.

  • Garlic


    Celebrated for its herbal healing properties, garlic’s intense aroma and reputation precedes it. Worshipped, revered, and despised worldwide and cross-culturally for its curative, protective, stamina-boosting, and magical powers, garlic is one of the most flavorful and popular culinary spices around the world.

  • Emily Ruff & The Sacred Science

    In late March 2023, after wrapping up hosting the 12th Annual Florida Herbal Conference, our founder Emily Ruff headed off to work with The Sacred Science team on their upcoming project focusing on bringing healing home to our kitchens. One of the recipes she featured for the team’s newest docuseries was Fire Cider! As many who’ve attended a Roots of Herbalism class with us know, this is one of our favorite remedies and we are thrilled Emily will be showcased sharing it with the world! Emily shared with us some exclusive behind-the-scenes photos from her shoot, and gave us permission to share them here with you! As we get more…

  • Guava


    The guava fruit has a rich history with the indigenous people of the South American rainforest and may have been domesticated in Peru several thousand years ago.

  • Grief Care 2022

    We know there are no words, nor is there any deed that can replace a life or remove the pain after loss. All we can do now is come together in love and support. It is our hope that resources for self-care and love may provide some comfort, if not today, but one day. Please accept and share the resources in this email with anyone who is in need. We, the Florida School of Holistic Living, are offering the following class for free: Additional Resources At this time we have the following information and resources available to share. More will come soon and we will update this page, as well…

  • Ramgoat Dashalong

    Ramgoat Dashalong

    The leaves make teas to help ease the symptoms of constipation and diarrhea, colds, flu, menstrual cramping, heart palpitations, hair loss, thrush, and other conditions.

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