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5 Tips for New Year’s Planning

As we enter the new year, we have fresh blank pages in our calendar staring back at us, beckoning us to create the experiences and events we want to bring to life as we write down dates in our planner. But after the hustle of the hectic holiday season, we can feel a little fatigued and off center as the pressure of “New Year’s Resolutions” looms over us. Here are five tips to help us feel centered and calm as we enter a new page on the calendar and new opportunities to create the life we desire.

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1) Reflect on what you are leaving behind – The best way to start something new is to ensure the door is closed on the era we are leaving. Take a moment to catalog your celebrations and your challenges from 2023 before you start to plan 2024. This will ensure you’ve closed out old energies, celebrated your wins and honored your losses, before you set out to create a new vision for what lies ahead.

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2) Practice good sleep hygiene – After the hustle of the holidays, we are all feeling a little depleted. Prioritizing your rest is one way of ensuring you start the new year on your best foot. Practice good sleep hygiene by heading to bed at the same time every night, keep the lights out or use darkening curtains or an eye mask, and limit your consumption of stimulants in the hour before bedtime. Consider keeping your devices out of the bedroom in the new year for another way to support quality sleep!

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3) Feed your body and your mind – You’ll need all the fuel you can get to launch into the new year with vibrancy and clarity. In addition to prioritizing plant-rich, well-balanced meals, why not add a nervine tea like Nettle or an adaptogen tea like Tulsi to your regular routine? These herbs give your nervous system a boost and will help you feel more calm and clear as you head into the new year.

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4) Make your goals manageable – Taking baby steps in the New Year will help you achieve your desires and gain momentum. Launching into a lofty goal may get you off to a false start in the new year. If you’re dreaming big, chunk your vision into smaller steps to make a clear path along the way.

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5) You don’t have to do it alone – Consider inviting a friend over to make New Year’s vision boards, joining a group to support each other in planning the year ahead, or even leaning on tools and workbooks that can offer guidance and inspiration. Two free resources to consider are the Year Compass and the Unravel Your Year workbook.

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