• photo of Tradescantia ohiensis common name spiderwort

    Plant Profile: Spiderwort – April 2022

    Perennial native to the Americas and to Florida. It is easy to cultivate and takes root readily from cuttings. Often grown as ground cover in warmer climates, it can be found on roadsides, in Florida lawns, and prefers full sun to part shade.

  • Answer the call of the Plants – Community Herbalist Program

      Have you been called by the plants into service? … amazed and transformed by the wisdom of the plants …. desire to share their teachings with others? Our Community Herbalist Program can help be the guide on your continuing path with the plants. The Community Herbalist Program is an nine-month journey into the world of professional herbalism. We deeply explore the herbs in our Materia Medica, and the herbs in the wild around us through research, presentations, and plant walks. We guide our family and the community, supervised by professional herbalists, to grow more confident in our sharing of this wisdom with others. Community Herbalist Program includes rich, guided hands-on study,…

  • Addressing the Root: Smoke Alarm Analogy

    How does holistic health address concerns differently than the modern medical paradigm? One example is the holistic approach of addresses root causes, not just symptoms. Learn more about this perspective in this week’s video on the ‘smoke alarm analogy’. This video is from our Roots of Herbalism home study course. If you like what you hear and are craving more, join us for our March Roots of Herbalism in Orlando, our April Roots of Herbalism in Fort Lauderdale, or enroll in our home study course to learn more about healing herbs any time from the comfort of your own home.

  • Dental Herbalism: Four Natural Remedies for a Healthy Mouth

    Oral health is ultimately linked to our overall health and well-being. The new guide to herbal dental care, Dental Herbalism(Healing Arts Press, 2014) by herbalist Leslie Alexander and dental hygienist Linda Straub-Bruce, details 41 safe and effective herbs to improve oral health. This excerpt from chapter 11, “An Herbal Materia Medica for the Mouth,” outlines four herbal remedies for dental health: Homemade Toothbrushes, Tooth Powder, Scrubs, and Mouthwash.  Turn to these safe and effective ancient herbal remedies for modern-day dental care. This excerpt first appeared in Mother Earth News. Join Leslie Alexander in Orlando at the Florida School of Holistic Living April 1 for “Kitchen Herbs for the Mouth,” a…

  • Herbal Healing Gift Recipes

    We had a wonderful time at our first Herbal Holiday Giftmaking Playshop of the 2014 season. A beautiful group joined us, including a bright eleven-years-young herbalist-in-the-making, came to gather for an evening of herbal craft and fellowship. We made herbal sachets, herbal tea blends, herbal seasoning blends, mulling spices, simmering scents, bath salts, and one of everyone’s favorites, aromatherapy sprays. Aromatherapy sprays are simple to create and versatile to share!  One of our favorite essential oil spray recipes is an all purpose holiday scent to inspire, uplift, and relax all at the same time. It brings in a holiday scent to any room with a cinnamon base, while citrus notes…

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