• Glossary

    This Glossary is divided by topic and is a growing body of vocabulary that will continue to expand as we move through the course. Refer to this if you come across an unfamiliar term. Can’t find the term you are looking for? Email us so we can clarify a word for you!

  • Resource List

    This page will be a growing body of books, websites, and apps to support your learning. ASTRONOMY APPS: SkyView StarWalk ASTRONOMY WEBSITES: Night Sky Map – See which constellations are visible on a given night. Click link at bottom for Southern Hemisphere. LUNAR CALENDARS: We’Moon Snake and Snake Lunapress BINOCULARS: Vortex brand TELESCOPES: Tasco brand More resources will be added on an ongoing basis. We invite you to recommend resources you love as well! Send your suggestions to [email protected] COMING SOON: Astronomy Books & Websites, Astrology Apps, Books & Websites

  • Zodiac

    When someone asks “what is your Moon Sign,” they are asking which constellation in the Zodiac that the Moon was traveling through, as it appeared from Earth, at the time of your birth. Zodiac comes from the same Greek root word as Zoo and Zoology. These points in the sky were named thousands of years ago. There are twelve constellations in the sky that are known as the Zodiac. Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces What is the zodiac and what is special about these constellations? Imagine a straight line drawn from Earth through the Sun and out into space way beyond our solar…