Are Flower Essences Safe for Our Furry Friends?

Flower essences are a beautiful and safe method of healing that have an important place in every herbalist’s apothecary. They’re easy to understand, simple to make, safe to use, and incredibly affordable. One of my favorite aspects of teaching about flower essences is how safe they are to use! Because flower essences are made using 3 steps of dilution, there are no contraindications – the worst that can happen is nothing!

They’re so safe that you can use them with your animal friends. Indeed that’s one of my favorite ways of using them, as a cat mama! When I brought my first cat home, he was covered in fleas. I didn’t realize it at the time, but once I did we took care of the problem through some loving and long nights of vacuuming, cleaning, and using a headlamp and tweezers on him! After he was flea free, however, he still had the trauma of being infested. He’d lick himself raw; he’d be paranoid there were fleas on him even if there weren’t. After a few days of feeling pretty helpless, like I couldn’t possibly do anything to make him feel any better, I discovered crab apple flower essence. Crab Apple essence is indicated for when you’re feeling unclean, among other things, so it was perfect for my cat who was stuck in a pattern of over grooming. He responded immediately, and after a few days I didn’t need to use any more crab apple on him. That was 7 years ago, and since then we’ve had some flea outbreaks over the years and never once has he fallen back into those patterns of over grooming! I thank crab apple essence and my teacher Emily Ruff regularly for helping out my feline buddy when he needed it most.

I find this gentle energetic system to be incredibly healing, on a level that sometimes tinctures and teas just can’t touch. When dealing with traumatic transitions in my life, nothing helps me more than regular use of my essences. It’s a privilege to share these teachings and I hope that through Lisa’s and my own enthusiasm for these plants we can get more folks using this gentle, safe, and effective medicine. We hope to see you October 4th, register and join us today for a 5 week journey into the world of Flower Essences!

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