• Outreach continues at Coleman Correctional Complex

    In 2014, we are proud to have continued our outreach program at the Coleman Correctional Complex, reaching hundreds of female inmates with empowering herbal health education.  This service program has been a solely volunteer effort among many of our team members, and has provided immense benefit to the women it reaches. 

  • Water Prayers

    Herbalist Emily Ruff brings her reflections on the healing powers of water, and the power of focusing our collective energy on gratitude and healing the Earth’s waters, in this video from a spring atop Sage Mountain in Vermont. Looking for more information on Water Justice after watching this video?  Visit www.FoodandWaterWatch.org, or see our review of the movie FLOW. One of our favorite groups, Rising Appalachia, recently shared a new song in collaboration with The Dogon Lights that celebrates the beauty, mystery, and healing power of water. “Water she gathers on solid ground Water a memory yet to be found Water she wanders through my bones Water she dances, dances…

  • Flower Essences for Emotional Wellness

    What are Bach Flower Remedies? Bach Flower Essences are potentized liquid preparations that convey a distinct electromagnetic impression from individual flower species that promote emotional balance and harmony.  The original system, designed by Dr. Edward Bach in Wales, included 38 Bach Flower Remedies, and each one of them is aimed at a different state of mind or emotion. They do not treat physical illness directly, but by restoring harmony to the mind they allow the body’s natural defenses to work more easily This means that people can quite literally heal themselves. Dr Bach worked in the first three decades of our century. Today there are things in our lives that…

  • A Fiery Conversation

    On Saturday January 25, I taught my Roots of Herbalism students the health virtues of cayenne, garlic, and ginger as part of the Materia Medica section for their weekend class. My long-time favorite combination of this “holy trinity” of healing herbs is Fire Cider, a delicious remedy steeped in apple cider vinegar with variations of other warming, spicy allies like turmeric, horseradish, or onion.  It moves energy into and pathogens out of the body, boasting reliable results in preventing illness and shortening the duration of infection and congestion.  This preparation of these strong-personality herbs is ideal, because they can often be aggressively strong to taste raw when I’m feeling down…

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