• Mullein


    Mullein (Verbascum thapsus) is a prolific plant of European origin that grows abundantly in disturbed soils, roadsides, and meadows throughout most of the temperate United States. This biennial plant is most easily identified by its soft, fuzzy rosette of leaves - big furry leaves which are jokingly called "nature's toilet paper."

  • Answer the call of the Plants – Community Herbalist Program

      Have you been called by the plants into service? … amazed and transformed by the wisdom of the plants …. desire to share their teachings with others? Our Community Herbalist Program can help be the guide on your continuing path with the plants. The Community Herbalist Program is an nine-month journey into the world of professional herbalism. We deeply explore the herbs in our Materia Medica, and the herbs in the wild around us through research, presentations, and plant walks. We guide our family and the community, supervised by professional herbalists, to grow more confident in our sharing of this wisdom with others. Community Herbalist Program includes rich, guided hands-on study,…

  • Addressing the Root: Smoke Alarm Analogy

    How does holistic health address concerns differently than the modern medical paradigm? One example is the holistic approach of addresses root causes, not just symptoms. Learn more about this perspective in this week’s video on the ‘smoke alarm analogy’. This video is from our Roots of Herbalism home study course. If you like what you hear and are craving more, join us for our March Roots of Herbalism in Orlando, our April Roots of Herbalism in Fort Lauderdale, or enroll in our home study course to learn more about healing herbs any time from the comfort of your own home.

  • Making Your Own Herbal Tinctures

    From our Roots of Herbalism Home Study video, we explore Tinctures today – how to make your own concentrated, liquid herbal extracts using alcohol like brandy or vodka, vegetable glycerine, or apple cider vinegar. In today’s video, we explore making tinctures using the Simpler’s method. If you enjoy this video, you can learn more about tinctures in our Roots of Herbalism class. The next live session will be held November 14 & 15 in Orlando, and we also offer the course as a home study curriculum. Register for our November live course using the code ROOTSDISCOUNT before November 5th and receive a $50 discount off tuition PLUS Rosemary Gladstar’s book…

  • Water Prayers

    Herbalist Emily Ruff brings her reflections on the healing powers of water, and the power of focusing our collective energy on gratitude and healing the Earth’s waters, in this video from a spring atop Sage Mountain in Vermont. Looking for more information on Water Justice after watching this video?  Visit www.FoodandWaterWatch.org, or see our review of the movie FLOW. One of our favorite groups, Rising Appalachia, recently shared a new song in collaboration with The Dogon Lights that celebrates the beauty, mystery, and healing power of water. “Water she gathers on solid ground Water a memory yet to be found Water she wanders through my bones Water she dances, dances…

  • A Fiery Conversation

    On Saturday January 25, I taught my Roots of Herbalism students the health virtues of cayenne, garlic, and ginger as part of the Materia Medica section for their weekend class. My long-time favorite combination of this “holy trinity” of healing herbs is Fire Cider, a delicious remedy steeped in apple cider vinegar with variations of other warming, spicy allies like turmeric, horseradish, or onion.  It moves energy into and pathogens out of the body, boasting reliable results in preventing illness and shortening the duration of infection and congestion.  This preparation of these strong-personality herbs is ideal, because they can often be aggressively strong to taste raw when I’m feeling down…

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