Moon Medicine – December 2021-December 2022

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  • Cindy Davis

    I’m not one to make many comments unless they are of major concern. Many of my questions are usually asked and answered by other students, so mine are redundent. I have enjoyed this class though I feel I have fallen behind lately, (life keeps happening, go figure). Another year will, I feel, cement thinks a little better. I feel an affinity with the moon, since it is my namesake, (Cynthia), but catching on to all the astrology is a slow learn for me. Thank you for offering this info and I look forward to future lessons! May the winter solstice give us rest and rejuvination! Cindy

    • Kathleen Kokomoor

      I’m in the same boat. Life doesn’t slow down just becasue we are taking classes. The astrology also unpacks slowly for me. Wishing you the best this year!
      Katey Kokomoor

  • Noemi Waymire

    Cindy and Kathleen,

    I am right there along with you two. I was glad that I could take this class for another year. Happy New Year! I look forward to going on this journey with everyone.


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