• Grief and Trauma

    Flower Essences for Crisis Relief and Humanitarian Aid Flower Essence Formulas: Powerful Remedies for Times of Crisis Flower Essences in Times of Stress and Fear

  • Studies

    Five Clinical Studies Impact on Emergency and Health Care Workers University of Miami – Rescue Remedy

  • E-Books

    Flower Essence Repertory Heal Thyself Twelve Healers Five Flower Remedy (Rescue Remedy) Healing Herbs – Bach Flower Remedies Choosing a Flower Essence – Assessment Guide To Thine Own Self – Mary Tabor An Herbology of Relationship – Guido Mase Intro to Flower Essence Therapy – Orna Izakson

  • Non-Alcohol Resources

    http://www.essencesonline.com/HWhousebrand.htm http://morningstar.netfirms.com/essences.html http://www.greenhopeessences.com http://www.treefrogfarm.com/floweressences/about.html http://www.directlyfromnature.com/Alcohol_Free_Bach_Flower_Remedies_p/af-001.htm

  • Flower Essences for the Garden

    Willow – for those plants which have been neglected Olive – to help plants thrive through difficult growing conditions, restores energy Star of Bethlehem – gently guide plants through trauma, severe drought, storms, etc Crabapple – help plants cleanse when inflicted by disease, pests Walnut – for transplanting Recommended Reading list:Bach Flower Gardener: Stefan Ball