• Mulberry March IG POM and Recipe


    Common Names MulberryChinese name: Sang Shen (Berry/Fruit), Sang Ye (Leaves), Sang Bai Pi (Bark)Persian name: TootAyurveda: ShahtootFolk names: Tut, Morera, GelsoThe sap is known as “blood of a goose” in Magical formulas. Latin NameMorus alba (white mulberry) and Morus nigra (black mulberry)There are upwards of 50 genera and about 900 species.  FamilyMoraceae

  • Vitex Herb Flower


    Common Names: Vitex, Chaste tree, Chasteberry, Monk’s Pepper Latin name: Vitex agnus-castus Family: Lamiaceae

  • Screen Shot 2020 08 27 at 6.33.25 PM 1


    Common Name: Goldenrod, fragrant goldenrod Latin name: Solidago odora, S. gigantea, S. ulmifolia, S. bicolor, and many others Family: Asteraceae

  • Rebirth of the Bodhi Garden

    In 2020, The Florida School of Holistic Living home base relocated to Altamonte Springs, FL. We are no longer stewards of the Bodhi Tree Garden, but the history of our time in the garden remains alive on this page. On the very day of its planting ten years before, our beloved Bodhi tree gracefully yielded to Hurricane Irma’s easterly winds. It was as if the tree knew the storm may break it, and laid itself gently to nap through the worst of it. We felt a twinge of shock to see its uprooted end exposed, but quickly saw the humbling gifts it gave us: the tree fell beautifully intact in…

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